Why Us

1. JAD is certified as a Shingled Roof Inspector with the City of Los Angeles.

This means that a City Shingled Roof Inspector is not required to come to your job site. JAD is entrusted to “get the job done right.” JAD has its own inspector on your job site from start to finish.

2. JAD is experienced in dealing with both residential and commercial construction.

Large projects involve working closely with builders, contractors, management companies, commercial property owners, developers, and real estate companies needing certifications to close escrow. You can be assured that we have a wealth of experience in each area.

3. JAD never surcharges for materials.

JAD only charges for labor. You can feel more confident knowing that you are getting the best price possible.

4. JAD offers in-house financing.

This is not common in our industry. You can relax knowing that you are being treated fairly and knowing that you have another source of financing.

5. JAD offers 24/7/365 days a week service.

No matter when you need us, JAD is here to help. Whether it’s a leak that needs tarping, or shingles that are falling off in the wind, you can count on us to be there “post haste”.

6. JAD will handle all work, small or large.

Whether it’s patching a gutter, or redoing your entire roof, you can feel secure knowing that we are here to protect your property. Whatever your roofing materials, JAD has its own inspector on your job site from start to finish.

7. JAD is not intimated by the size or steep incline of your roof.

Some roofers will not take your job if it is too large, or the job entails climbing a very steep incline. It can be dangerous if the roofer is not skilled in walking all types of roofs. However, we use only those workers experienced in all aspects involved in working on your roof.

8. JAD helps you choose the right roof for your property, no matter the cost.

Our primary goal is to help you choose the right roof for your budget, whatever it is. We take the time to educate you on the process and different types of choices. Then, we select the right roof for your needs.

9. JAD is expert on the roofing-related products that are so important for the health of your roof.

There are many items to consider. Underlayment, gutters, downspouts, flashings, diverters, All of which help prevent water damage, discoloration to your stucco… and situations where water doesn’t drain causing lakes and waterfalls to navigate. Not fun for you or your pets. Imagine your dog having to navigate through a lake coming up to her waist. Or, getting knocked over by the waterfall pouring down from your roof drainoff.

10. JAD is experienced in roofing, and roofing-related inspections.

JAD tells you the condition of the roof and gutters, flashings, chimney and caps, vents, algae growth, etc and what needs to be fixed (if anything). Tell-tale signs of water damage are also discoloration of the ceilings. Underlayment, flashings and damaged shingles are often the cause. If not taken care of, the ceiling can come crashing down on your head. The overflowed bathtub effect.

11. JAD inspects chimneys from the roof up.

Chimneys are often neglected from the roof up. If the flashings around the chimney or the chimney cap are cracked and separating, you will get water spill off into the attic, spreading down into the ceiling and possibly causing water damage. Look for the stained areas in the ceiling. Not pretty.

12. JAD prevents messes and cleans up after their work is finished.

Before work begins, JAD places tarps all over your property, covering up landscaping, gardens, and structures near by. After the work is finished, we dispose of all materials at our expense. And, imagine, all nails are retrieved by using magnets, so your feet won’t find them on your way to the mailbox.